1. Do the elements like multifunction buttons, shifting paddles or cruise controls buttons work?
– I sell only steering wheels. All of the above elements are added as an addition thus I cannot guarantee their performance.

2. Is the air bag included?
– Unfortunately, no. I sell only steering wheels thus the air bag is not included.

3. Will I receive a tracking number?
– The tracking number is generated and added to the e-bay purchase when parcel is ready to be send.

4. What is the diameter of the steering wheel?
– The diameter of the steering wheel is as per worldwide standards which is 360-370 mm

5. Could you make my steering wheel a little bit thicker?
– All of my steering wheels are additionally thicken thus there are softer than standard steering wheels.

6. Should I send you my old steering wheel?
– No. You buy ready made product, produced especially for you so there is no necessity of sending me your old steering wheel.

7. Are the plastic bits on the steering wheel used?
– Yes. All of the covers, easels and end caps are used thus they may have some little marks or decolouration. Nevertheless, all of the above are placed behind the steering wheel thus unnoticeable.