Audi A6 S6 RS6 C5 Seat belts set 4pcs


 Front seatbelts set for:
Audi A6 S6 Rs6 Allrodad C5 - 1998-2004 
You buy 4 pcs - 2 front and 2 rear
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Belt pretensioners, as well as the buckles/clasps are preused and bear traces of use. 
I do my best to select the best quality elements, however due to the year of the car production, their state may vary.
Materials/ the seatbelts themselves are brand new and produced/used in the automotive industry


1. Are the belt pretensioners from post-accident cars?

No, all of the elemets are from cars which did not have any collisions.

2. Can I choose a different color for the belts?

Yes, currently yellow, red, blue and pink options are available. You can also select a different color.

3. What threads are used to sew the material?

Threads by a German company AMANN created specifically for the automotive industry. These are synthetic threads with great durability.

4. Is it required to send in the old seatbelts?

No, the seatbelts are ready for installation. You do not need to send in your old seatbelts.

5. Is the pretensioner fully dismantled?

No, the only element which is exchanged is the seatbelt. There is no intervention into the pretensioner.

6. Why doesn't the belt work when I try to unroll it?

Each belt unrolls in a given installation surface. If it is the front seatbelt, it needs to be unrolled at a correct vertical angle.

7. Can I make returns?

No, please make your choices carefully as I do not accept returns.

8. What is the realisation time for the order?

10 business days. All orders are delivered through FEDEX.

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